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Orthodox Church St. Mary’s The Protectress, Ukrainian

Who We Are: The seed of the Orthodox Faith was sowed on the Canadian land, not by missionaries, but by simple peasants, who came from Ukraine and established themselves on the Canadian prairies. It is indeed on this simple, but at the same time deep, faith of the Ukrainian peasants-pioneers that the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada was established.

Seeking Volunteers / Participants: 100 words - Tell us about the opportunities you have.

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Ukrainian Orthodox Church St. Mary's the Protectress


Outreach & Prevention (Homeless)  - Mission Community Services Society - MCSS

Who We Are: Mission Community Services Society directly engages with those who are homeless through an outreach program which bridges the gaps and creates awareness of services available to them.  We help people who are homeless with advocating for benefits, with medical  requirements and dealing with forms.  Mission Community Services Society is part of a BC-wide initiative that is aimed at providing at-risk groups with rental supplements to make renting in the private market more accessible. This program is called the Homeless Prevention Program and is facilitated by an outreach worker.

Seeking Volunteers Participants: Seeking Volunteers / Participants: Are you needing to give back to your community, to have a direct impact on your neighbourhood, and build new friendships? Do you want to help make substantial change in your community? We have numerous opportunities available for people just like you. At Mission Community Services Society, we work with you to find volunteer positions that will maximize your experience and have the greatest impact on our community. 

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Homeless Outreach & Prevention - Mission Community Services Society Website

Operation Red Nose

Who We Are: The campaign theme, “Bringing you Home for the Holidays”, reminds people that using the Operation Red Nose service is the best way to end an evening, because it will get them home safely, thanks to the priceless collaboration of hard-working volunteers criss-crossing the province’s roads while wearing the famous red vest, a national road safety symbol that never goes out of style.

​​​Seeking Volunteers / Participants: The Operation Red Nose service is provided by a team of three volunteers, two of which ride along with the client in his or her vehicle. The escort driver, the volunteer driver and the navigator are the three members of the team.
Escort driver - Volunteer who uses his personal vehicle to drive the volunteer driver and the navigator to the location where the client is waiting.
Volunteer driver - 
Volunteer who drives the client’s vehicle.
Navigator - Volunteer who rides along with the volunteer driver and the client in the client’s vehicle.
Headquarters volunteers - Volunteers who occupy various positions inside the Headquarters, be it as phone operators, dispatchers, to greet or train other volunteers, etc..

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Operation Red Nose

Optimist Club

Who We Are: By providing hope and positive vision, Optimists bring out the best in youth, our communities and ourselves. Optimist International will be recognized worldwide as the premier volunteer organization that values all children and helps them develop to their full potential.
We promote an active interest in good government and civic affairs; to inspire respect for the law; to promote patriotism and work for international accord and friendship among all people; to aid and encourage the development of youth, in the belief that the giving of one’s self in service to others will advance the well-being of humankind, community life and the world.

​​​Seeking Volunteers / Participants: 100 words - Tell us about the opportunities you have.

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Optimist Club Website