New citizens & Immigrants

In Mission,  “The Power of Small” means personal service. Whether they are registered in a language session, need information on Canadian culture, community events or on topics like banking, housing and transportation, volunteers offer a safe space to talk one-on-one.

Special events & festivals

From the festivities of Canada Day and the all-day exhilaration of MissionFest to the adventures of Culture Day, Roots n' Blues and the Folk Festival. Fill key positions at events, festivals and concerts by providing assistance with programming and operations, and offer hospitality to our community!

Inspire. Connect. Build.

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necessarily have
​the time.

​They have the heart.

Elizabeth Andrew

Start where you are.

Use what you have.

Do what you can.

Arthur Ashe

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mentoring & Education

Volunteering with Mentoring and Education offers you an opportunity to make a long-lasting, positive difference in the lives of people of all ages.  As a volunteer with, you are making a strong, collective statement about how much and how many people believe in the capabilities of our youth.

professional & Business

Volunteers can assist in increasing growth, develop staff training, and improve facilities and infrastructure. Volunteers on a business project with specific skills and qualifications can play an important role in this development process.
Volunteers can have a great impact. 

sports & Recreation

More people in Mission volunteer through sporting clubs than any other type of organization.  Volunteers do everything from coaching and umpiring to running the BBQ, getting teams to matches and games, ordering uniforms and bookkeeping.

Children & Youth

Supportive adult role models & youth programs change young lives and there are many ways to participate. Many community organizations run programs that support children and young people. You can also make a difference to young lives through local roles. 

Faith & Religion

Believe in your faith and volunteer with your local church.  This gives you the opportunity to step outside of your world and learn to touch the lives of others. This gives you the chance to be reminded that volunteering provides an opportunity to fellowship and socialize.

service Clubs

Service clubs seek the advancement of the communities in which their individual clubs are located.  Their mission is to enhance the quality of life of Mission, through community service, in the spirit of fellowship.

Counselling & crisis support

Volunteers commit time to the cause of counselling & crisis support, and in turn, people invest in them. There is training provided and support needed to be comfortable and successful in the role. Volunteers are vital to this success, and often organization pride ourselves on creating lasting relationships.

Agriculture & Environment

Volunteers make a difference to the quality of our natural environment - cleaning up beaches, planting trees, and protecting wildlife.  Many local councils have environmental programs, like bush regeneration, with opportunities to learn, participate and meet people.

SEarch By interest

Arts, Culture & Heritage

Archives, museums, art galleries, libraries, performing arts and heritage groups need volunteers to continue to enrich our local culture and artistic life.  They need volunteer support to provide services for and host events in the community.  You can help by doing anything from program and operations assistance to crowd control.

HUnger & HOmelessness

Volunteers can join nonprofit groups that help people lead safe, healthy, and productive lives through intensive intervention and prevention services.  Assist with meals, emergency shelters,  permanent supportive housing or comprehensive services including individual and family therapy.

Health & Wellness

Volunteers make a real difference to the lives of patients & people living in the community with chronic conditions.  You can help with prevention initiatives, providing companionship or personal care, catering, gardening, or supporting with fundraising.

Community & Welfare

Community welfare groups rely on volunteers to make a difference.  You could help welcome newcomers, offer support to people with English as a second language, promote community spirit, volunteer in disability care, help raise funds, or support an event. 

ANimal Welfare

Contact with animals has positive impacts & research reveals specific benefits like lower blood pressure, cholesterol levels and mental health benefits.  Many shelters need volunteers for dog walking, cat cuddling, fundraising and community education.

Senior's Care

You can help our elders by visiting them at home, in care facilities or hospitals.  Get involved in activities such as cooking, housework, gardening, pet care, shopping, or simply providing companionship at home or visiting older people in hospital.  Every contribution makes a difference.

Special needs & disabilities

Help us build a caring community in Mission.  Volunteer with those who have special needs and disabilities. Volunteers make a difference in their community, so give the gift of yourself, your time, your effort, and discover the benefits of volunteering.