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necessarily have
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​They have the heart.

Elizabeth Andrew

Legion Branch 57, Royal Canadian

Who We Are: To serve veterans and their dependents, promote remembrance and act in the service of Canada and it's communities. The Legion has evolved from its original roots and provides programs and funding to seniors and youth groups in the community. You no longer have to be a veteran to become a Legion member, you just have to believe in our programs and be willing to help.

Seeking Volunteers Participants: 100 words - tell us about the opportunities you have.

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Royal Canadian Legion Website

Literacy in Motion

Who We Are: We believe improved literacy skills improves quality of life for individuals and the community.  Therefore, our purpose is to promote the growth of literacy in our community.  Literacy involves a continuum of learning in enabling individuals to achieve their goals, to develop their knowledge and potential, and to thrive in their community and wider society. 

Statement of Goals

  • To identify and address the diverse literacy needs of the Mission community
  • To promote awareness of the many aspects of literacy
  • To increase access and use of new and existing literacy opportunities
  • To encourage and support learners who join our programs to achieve their goals
  • To establish literacy partnerships in the community, workplace, and with other service groups
  • To collaborate with organizations as they develop literacy plans
  • To make use of as many funding opportunities as possible

​​​Seeking Volunteers / Participation: 100 words - Tell us about the opportunities you have.


Contact Number: 604.820.2027

Mission Literacy in Motion Website

L..I.N.C. Society

What We Do: L.I.N.C. is an organization that works with all people impacted by the criminal justice system. 

We believe that a personal sense of value can be restored to victims and offenders by giving offenders the opportunity to pay back to society and victims for the harm caused. In order for offenders to change their behaviour they must be accountable for what they have done to their victims, their families and the community.  We believe by focusing on healing for victims, offenders are also assisted in a positive way.

Seeking Volunteers Participants: 100 words - tell us about the opportunities you have.

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The L.I.N.C. Society Website


Lutheran Church, Mt. Calvary

Who We Are: We believe in the Triune God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit - as the one true God. We proclaim the Father as Creator and Preserver, His Son Jesus Christ as Redeemer and Lord, and the Holy Spirit as Regenerator and Sanctifier.  We confess that the Gospel is the revelation of God’s saving will and grace in Jesus Christ, which He imparts through Word and Sacrament. Through these means of grace the Holy Spirit creates believers and unites them with the Lord and with one another in the fellowship of the Holy Christian Church.

Seeking Volunteers Participants: 100 words - tell us about the opportunities you have.

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Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church Website

Life Time Learning

Who We Are: We are Centre for Community Education and Wellness Programs.  Modeled on the

concept of what is now called an “ElderCollege,” we provide active living and healthy aging programs for adults.
Our Learning:

  • Enhances quality of life
  • Provides a forum for sharing information and knowledge
  • Promotes mental and physical well being
  • Provides opportunities to continue lifelong learning pursuits

Seeking Volunteers Participants: 100 words - tell us about the opportunities you have.

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Life Time Learning Website

Start where you are.

Use what you have.

Do what you can.

Arthur Ashe

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Lunch with a Bunch - Mission Community Services Society - MCSS

Who We Are: Lunch With A Bunch serves up hot food and good times on the third Thursday of every month and occasionally diners are joined by a guest speaker or live entertainment. Venue is Carrington House on Seventh Ave.  Start time is 11:30 am. $10 fee.

Seeking Volunteers / Participants: Are you needing to give back to your community, to have a direct impact on your neighbourhood, and build new friendships?  Do you want to help make substantial change in your community? We have numerous opportunities available for people just like you.  At Mission Community Services Society, we work with you to find volunteer positions that will maximize your experience and have the greatest impact on our community. 

Contact Number: 

Lunch with a Bunch - Mission Community Services Society Website

Literacy Solutions, Decoda

Who We Are: Decoda Literacy Solutions is the only province-wide literacy organization in British Columbia. Providing resources, training and funds, we support community-based literacy programs and initiatives in over 400 communities across B.C. Our work supports children and families, youth, adults, Aboriginal and immigrant communities in an effort to build strong individuals, strong families and strong communities. As a non-profit organization, we rely on the generosity of individual donors, corporate partners and government to fund literacy work.

Seeking Volunteers: 100 words

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Decoda Literacy Solutions Website​​