BRIM Network - Building Resilince in Mission

Who We Are: BRIM is Building Resilience in Mission: A Transition Town Initiative. We’re a fledgling group with a big dream:
“To transform the District of Mission from a fossil-fuel-dependent society into a resilient, sustainable, re-localized, vibrant community that treads lightly on the earth.”  We’re working towards a cleaner, greener, more localised community, but we’re not shaking fingers or carrying fists. Instead, we’re rolling up our sleeves, joining our hands and striving to inspire, enthuse, and focus on possibilities. What can we create together?  
BRIM is pleased to work with individuals, organizations and corporations who are actively supporting or working towards Transition goals. 

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Buiding Resilience in Mission Website

Agriculture & Environment

Mission to Move Forward - M2MF

Who We Are: Mission to Move Forward (M2MF) is a social enterprise committed to revitalizing our community's outdoors, while employing those who might face barriers to traditional employment. We provide quality services in lawn care, landscaping, pressure washing, graffiti removal, junk & recycling pickup.​

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Mission To Move Forward M2MF Website

Communities In Bloom

Who We Are: Communities in Bloom is a Canada-wide non-profit organization with international affiliations dedicated to recognizing community projects that involve heritage, environmental awareness, and beautification.

Seeking Volunteers / Participants: Local judges toured the community in June and left a notice at the doors of houses, institutions, schools, and businesses that these local judges assessed as attractive. Environmental awareness activities

  • Tree/urban forestry, Floral displays, Landscaping, Tidiness, Natural & Cultural Heritage Conservation

For a mere $5, you can become part of the Society’s membership, attend general meetings, provide input into annual planning, and learn more about our efforts to be the a more beautiful and livable community.


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Communities in Bloom Website

Volunteers make a difference to the quality of our natural environment - cleaning up beaches, planting trees, and protecting wildlife.  Many local councils have environmental programs, like bush regeneration, with opportunities to learn, participate and meet people.

Start where you are.

Use what you have.

Do what you can.

Arthur Ashe

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L..I.N.C. Society

What We Do: L.I.N.C. is an organization that works with all people impacted by the criminal justice system. 

We believe that a personal sense of value can be restored to victims and offenders by giving offenders the opportunity to pay back to society and victims for the harm caused. In order for offenders to change their behaviour they must be accountable for what they have done to their victims, their families and the community.  We believe by focusing on healing for victims, offenders are also assisted in a positive way.

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The L.I.N.C. Society Website

Parks, Recreation and Culture - District of Mission (DOM)

Who We Are: Mission Parks, Recreation and Culture offers a wide variety of activities for individuals, the family & community organizations. Mission is the city that loves to be active, this is evident in the first class facilities that one can find. Whether it be the Leisure Center, Sports Park or the countless parks & picturesque trails scattered throughout the city, you will find an endless array of fun things to do!

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Fraser River Heritage Park -

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District of Mission - Parks, Recreation and Culture Website

Inspire. Connect. Build.

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Fraser River Heritage Park - District of Mission (DOM)

Who We Are: Fraser River Heritage Park is Mission’s largest park, rich in history, natural beauty and with numerous amenities, the ideal location for gatherings of all sizes. The scenic views and the leisurely walking trails connect the Hatzic and Heritage Park areas of Mission. A great line up of events takes place in the park each year and the park is always looking for enthusiastic gardeners!

Seeking Volunteers / Participants: If you are an enthusiastic gardner, we would love you to join our team.  There are also a lot of special events in the park all year round and we are always seeking help.  Canada Day, Old Car Sunday, Roots n' Blues Fall Fest... 


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Fraser River Heritage Park Website



necessarily have
​the time.

​They have the heart.

Elizabeth Andrew


Who We Are: The Mission Adopt-A-Block Society is a non-profit organization that administers an anti-litter program in the community of Mission, in beautiful British Columbia.  We have been a part of the community since 1994.  First formed under the Mission Environmental Society, we branched off in 1998 to form what is known as The Mission Adopt-A-Block Society!

Seeking Volunteers / Participants: 

  • A clean and beautiful city depends on the pride of residents, businesses, property owners and youth.
  • A clean city also makes good business sense and results in a healthy economy.
  • A clean and beautiful cities attract highly skilled workers and investment, and enable us to live, work and play in well maintained, safe and pleasant surrounding.


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