necessarily have
​the time.

​They have the heart.

Elizabeth Andrew

Start where you are.

Use what you have.

Do what you can.

Arthur Ashe

Volunteer Mission will be committed to building a vibrant community by connecting people through meaningful involvement.  When you are part of Volunteer Mission, you will find the support you need to grow and improve your non-profit organization and further your individual personal and professional development.


  • Volunteer Mission will match individuals and groups interested in volunteering with opportunities in Mission.
  • We will manage information on a comprehensive range of local volunteer opportunities.
  • We will provide free advising services to volunteers of all ages and stages of life so we can match them with the right type of volunteering opportunity.

Training and Development

  • Volunteer Mission will explore emerging practice and promote best practice in working with volunteers to all volunteer involving organizations.
  • We will deliver training and certification for potential volunteers, volunteers, volunteer managers, and staff in voluntary organizations.

Develop Volunteering Opportunities

  • Volunteer Mission will work in close partnership with Mission’s organizations, businesses and municipality, as well as community groups and faith groups to develop local volunteering opportunities. 
  • We will play an important role in developing the quality of volunteering, not just in providing volunteers.

Volunteer Mission will be committed to building and sharing knowledge through the delivery of professional development, training, learning and networking opportunities.  We endeavour to provide specialized services and resources that will advance the quality of all volunteer programs.

Volunteer Mission will treat all members, volunteers, partners, staff and stakeholders with fairness, dignity, and respect.
We will strive to enhance the quality of life for individuals and the wellness of communities through volunteerism.


Inspire. Connect. Build.

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About VOlunteer Mission

In January 2016, the Social Development Commission and the Healthy Community Council merged to become the Community Wellness Committee.  This advisory body to District of Mission Council meets quarterly on issues connected to the social determinants of health and community.  With a focus on collective impact and collaboration, members representing various agencies work together to address social needs in the community.

It was through the inspiration of the Community Wellness Committee that Volunteer Mission has come to life.

​​The BC Government made a generous donation to support this pilot project, and it was all arranged through MLA Simon Gibson.