Adventist Church - Mission City Seventh Day

Who We Are: The Mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church is to communicate to all peoples

the everlasting gospel of God's love in the context of the three Angels' messages of Revelation

14:6-12 and as revealed in the life, death, resurrection and high priestly ministry of Jesus Christ .... leading them to accept Jesus as personal Saviour and Lord and to unite with His remnant church and to nurture believers as disciples in preparation for His soon return.

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Mission City Seventh Day Adventist Church

Auxiliary, Mission Health Care

Who We Are: The Mission Health Care Auxiliary Society is an organization of men and women who help Mission Memorial Hospital provide non-medical services and comforts to the patients of the hospital. In the course of many hours of volunteering, lifelong friendships have been forged. Members can be identified by their blue vests. Money raised by the Auxiliary is used for many health-related services at the Mission Memorial Hospital and local health care facilities to purchase equipment, comforts, and bus services. The challenge continues to try to ensure that Mission Memorial Hospital remains a viable hospital that can serve the immediate needs of the community. The Mission Health Care Auxiliary Society has always been there to help and assist in anyway it can. We have much for which to thank the members of the past, and we strive to continue the tradition of hard work and service into the future.

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Mission Health Care Auxiliary Website


Who We Are: The Mission Adopt-A-Block Society is a non-profit organization that administers an anti-litter program in the community of Mission, in beautiful British Columbia.  We have been a part of the community since 1994.  First formed under the Mission Environmental Society, we branched off in 1998 to form what is known as The Mission Adopt-A-Block Society!

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  • A clean and beautiful city depends on the pride of residents, businesses, property owners and youth.
  • A clean city also makes good business sense and results in a healthy economy.
  • A clean and beautiful cities attract highly skilled workers and investment, and enable us to live, work and play in well maintained, safe and pleasant surrounding.


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Mission Adopt-A-Block Website


Archives, Mission Community

Who We Are: Operated by the Mission District Historical Society, the Mission Community Archives serves as a central repository for all community records that document the social, economic, and political development of the District of Mission and the Fraser Valley Regional District Electoral Areas.  The holdings include the records of individuals and families, arts and community organizations, clubs and local businesses and some local government. The archives also maintain a small reference collection pertaining to the history of the municipality, genealogical research, and the administration of archives.

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Mission Community Archives Website

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Aboriginal Children & Family Services Society - Fraser Valley - FVACFSS

Who We Are: Fraser Valley Aboriginal Children and Family Services Society (FVACFSS) is a fully delegated Aboriginal child welfare agency providing culturally appropriate and holistic services through prevention, community development and child welfareprograms to Aboriginal children, youth and their families residing throughout the Fraser Valley.  We honour and respect the unique cultures of families and communities as we work together with integrity and dignity to ensure the safety and well-being of Children.

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Fraser Valley Aboriginal Children & Family Services Society Website

Arts Council, Mission - MAC

Who We Are: The Mission Arts Council Advocates for creative work of its members, which nurtures awarness of, involvement in, and commitment to Arts within its community.  ​The Mission Arts Council is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life and the creative vitality of the people of Mission by nurturing awareness of, involvement in, and commitment to Arts and Culture since 1972

Seeking Volunteers / Participants: The Mission Arts Centre is home to the Mission Arts Council, as well as The Rock Family Gallery, the Doris J. Paterson Tea Room, and an assortment of gift cases, displaying gift cards, books, and many other locally handcrafted items for purchase.  The Mission Arts Centre is also home to our many programs, classes and special events.  The Mission Arts Council also offers opportunites for membership and volunteering.

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The Mission Arts Council Website

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Alliance Church, Mission

Who We Are: Most of us have to admit that we are not heroes of faith. But we want to grow in devotion to Jesus Christ and organize our life around God. Although we are far from perfect, we want to be a fellowship of believers that shows care, compassion and love to one another. We have the privilege and the calling to communicate the Good News of Jesus Christ to the world. We want to work for the shalom of the city, serve others and speak a message of hope. In short: Grow Deep in Christ, Love one another, Share Hope. With us, church is not so much about bigger-better, faster-more. We value relationships, faithfulness, participation and authenticity in worship. It’s that simple.

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Mission Alliance Church Website